DMK minister grabbed charity’s land

CHENNAI: As complaints of land grabbing continued to pour in, the Dharmathopu Charitable Trust has pointed accusing fingers at a former DMK minister and his personal assistant, alleging that the duo prepared fake ‘patta’  and documents to misappropriate a large portion of its property at Villivakkam.

“Aimed at public welfare, 7 acres and 46 cents (Patta N0o. 19; Survey No 166; Block No 28) in Perambur-Purasai Taluk was donated to the Trust long before 1875,” S Ranga Reddy (42), a trustee of the organisation, said in his petition to the anti-land grabbing cell at the office of the Commissioner of Police here on Monday. On learning that the Perambur-Purasai tahsildars had issued a forged ‘patta’ for the land, he filed a plaint with the CoP on December 27 last. After attending a police inquiry, he came out and found the then Minister Parithi Ilamvazhuthi’s assistant Gagrin and another person waiting for him. On the guise of taking him out for lunch, they “kidnapped” and took him to DMK leader Chittibabu’s office in Purasawakkam, he alleged.         Gagrin pounced on him there, saying they had spent more than `3 crore in paying officials and preparing the ‘patta’. They asked him to either accept a share in the deal or wash his hands off the matter. “If not, they threatened to kill me and my family members,” he said.He said the Trust land’s original patta No. 19 was upheld by the Madras High Court in 2008. But, the minister’s PA prepared a fake document, showing as if the 7 acres and 46 cents existed in patta no SD/TR/1424/2004-05 of August 16, 2001. Using this, Gagrin forged a document – 3645/2004 – and submitted them at the sub-registrar’s office in Villivakkam. Conspiring with 11 others, he got it registered, Reddy alleged.Replying to an RTI query, he said, an official had conceded that no patta with number SD/TR/1424/2004-05, dated August 16, 2001, had ever been issued by the taluk office. Using the fake papers to show as if the land was privately held, they sold 79 grounds, 500 sq ft to a builder for `5.34 crore and 8 grounds, 1,832 sq ft to his kin for `59.12 lakh. When the sale was registered, Gagrin and Chittibabu and SIDCO Vasu signed as witnesses, he said. Pointing to the hand of tahsildars in the fraud, he urged action against the Ex- minister, his PA and erring officials and return of the property.


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