After Son, Veerpandi Arumugam booked

SALEM: In a sudden development, the Salem city police on Tuesday filed a fresh case against former minister and DMK district secretary Veerapandi S Arumu­gam, and 12 others in the Angammal Colony land grab case. The police also arrested M A D Krishnasamy, the ex-district president, Salem Congress, and two others on Tuesday night.

The matter which was already taken up in the Madras High Court came up for fresh review on July 11, when the 31 families of Angammal colony who were allegedly evicted made fresh representation to District Collector K Maharabushanam. The matter was referred to the city police here, which was already directed by the HC to restore the lands.The police claimed till Monday that the complaint was not sent to the Land Grab Cell, and is being directly handled by higher officials. They were studying the case to establish prima-facie evidence for physical atrocities, forgery of documents and to grasp the civil side of the issue.The accused in the case are Veerapandi Arumugam figures, K Suresh Kumar, Kousik Boopathy (the ex-minister’s political PA), M A D Krishnasamy, Sidhananda, Ulaganambi, Police Inspector Laxmanan (now under suspension) and Bala Gurumoothy, former RDO of Salem, Auto Murugan, Auto Mani, Koozha Mahenderan, and Petti Kadai Kanagaraj.Angamal Colony residents reiterated in their complaint that their 22,000 sq ft land was gifted by a jeweller, Sri­nivasa Gupta, several decades ago. They were evicted in 2008 by Veerapandi Arumugam’s henchmen.


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