SC dissatisfied over temple security

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Thursday reserved its orders to consider the issues of videographing the huge inventory and providing foolproof security to the estimated Rs 1.50 lakh crore wealth taken out from the five vaults of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram.

A Bench comprising Justice R V Raveendran and Justice A K Patnaik said that the huge wealth which was found inside the temple could be at a risk because of the huge publicity given about it through newspapers and TV channels.The Bench perused the affidavit filed by the State Government and the other parties which gave their views on the issue, especially for the proper upkeep and maintenance of the temple.The state government stated in its affidavit that the wealth found inside the temple belonged exclusively to the presiding deity Lord Padmanabhaswamy and nobody has any claim over it.The Government averred that it has put in place a security mechanism with an Additional DirectorGeneral of Police to monitor the situation roundtheclock with a control room exclusively for monitoring the movements around and inside the temple. An amount of Rs 1 crore will be spent in this regard every month, the state government said. The erstwhile prince requested the Bench not to pass orders for public display of the treasure discovered from the five secret chambers of the shrine.The chambers ought not to have been opened as this has resulted in unwarranted publicity and endangered the security of the temple. With the result, plans need to be drawn up for the foolproof security of the temple, the prince felt.Moving the wealth of the Lord to a place outside the temple for its exhibition as directed by the High Court needs to be reconsidered, the state government felt.However, the state clearly stated in its affidavit that neither the state nor any individual has any right whatsoever over the wealth and opposed the High Court’s directive for the display of the wealth at a public place. The gold ornaments, precious stones, coins and other objects of high value found in the cellars of the temple belong to the temple. Nobody can lay claim over them, it added.


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