Alagiri aide arrested in Madurai

‘Attack’ Pandi, believed to be a key aide of Union Minister and senior DMK leader, M K Alagiri, was arrested here on Friday, for allegedly making changes to a lease agreement over a house by fraudulent means.

Pandi had, in 2010, made changes to the lease agreements for the house, originally given to another person, to make it appear as if his nephew was the tenant, police said.

He had also allegedly threatened Kalpana, the houseowner, over the issue, police said.

Pandi is also one of the accused in the Dinakaran newspaper office attack case, which left three persons dead, police said.

Three employees of Dinakaran, a Tamil daily, lost their lives in the attack on the office on May 9, 2007 following the publication of a survey that gave an edge to former Deputy Chief Minister and Karunanidhi’s son M K Stalin over his brother Alagiri to succeed their father.

The figures had also claimed that Alagiri did not enjoy popularity with the people.


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