I was warned against filing plaint: Ranjitha

CHENNAI: Actress Ranjitha filed a complaint with the Commissioner of Police against the Sun TV network and certain magazines regarding the video allegedly featuring her with Swami Nithyananda. CoP J K Tripathy, on Tuesday, said the plaint had been directed to the Central Crime Branch.

At a press meet here, he said that so far three complaints had been received against Hansraj Saxena, CEO of Sun Pictures. An FIR had been filed in all the three cases. “Today, we received a plaint from actor Ranjita against  Sun TV network and some magazines,” he said.  The actor had alleged that the TV channel had aired morphed video footage featuring her and Swami Nithyananda. When a request had been made to stop televising the clips, money was demanded from her, complaint said. Tripathy said she had not mentioned who had demanded money. Meanwhile, the actress also held a press meet where she said she had faced immense pressure preventing her from filing a complaint against the media houses. The actress said she had been warned against filing a complaint or visiting Chennai.  “The complaint I have handed over to the CoP is delayed. That was because I had been threatened against it. Half the courage for this I have drawn from myself and the other half is because of the government in the State today,” she said even as she refuted claims that elements in the government had pushed her to file the complaint. Reading out a statement in English at a press meet called by one of the leading PR teams in the Tamil film industry, she evaded queries on who had threatened her. “I have filed a complaint against Sun Network, Nakeeran, Dinakaran newspaper and website and other persons who threatened me at the time the video came out,” she said. “It is not me in the video. A forensic report similar to the one that says it was me in the video had been overturned by the apex court in the Dinakaran office burning case.”  When asked if she would also present her complaint to the CM’s cell, Ranjitha said she would neither do so, nor would she meet the Chief Minister. “I have full faith in the government, the CoP and the honourable CM.”




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