Padmanabha Temple treasure and British loot


04 Jul 2011
We are rediscovering the wealth of India. And the immense beauty in which it was gathered and preserved and protected for the common good in times of trouble is truly uplifting to our tired spirits. Suddenly this seems an exciting country to live in …

But, as the Supreme Court-ordered public accounting of hitherto unknown treasures in secret chambers in Kerala’s famed Padmanabha Temple gets underway, the Sanatana Dharma, the world’s oldest and greatest living civilisation, offers unprecedented insight into the integrity, consistency, and continuity with which its ancient rulers upheld its civilisation mores and values, and harvested and preserved wealth in trust for future generations. This should serve as a lesson in humility to the Western world, where bankers in connivance with unscrupulous politicians are busy robbing the common man so that the rich can continue their profligate ways, destroying all values of civilisation the world over.

This should serve as an antidote to the arrogance of the Marxist and anti-Hindu parvenus that Nehruvian Stalinism imposed upon the nation as ‘intellectuals’ as part of its determined quest to deconstruct Hindu Dharma as the nation’s foundational ethos and engineer a rootless, culture-less entity that could satisfy the arid intellect of the country’s first prime minister. We may call this the quest for what a former Polish communist writer designates as Homo sovieticus, a soulless denudation of all the values of a nation and nullification of all its glories and triumphs.

The Hindu king was a critical pillar of Hindu Dharma, its mainstay and defender. Is it any wonder that independent [Nehruvian] India’s intellectuals – funded and feted by the State to the exclusion of all other thinkers – never found merit in any of our erstwhile rulers, even when the kingdoms that they managed to hold on to during the British Raj where in so many respects superior in administration to the Crown-ruled provinces, and the subjects happier?

As we see in the case of the Padmanabha Temple, even though the Travancore royal family had lost political power, the ruler remained the official king of the Padmanabha Temple, which is deeply revered by the people of the region. And when the king and his successor kings feared that the loss of political power could translate into the loss of economic control over the immense wealth of the kingdom to the British who had come only to plunder and loot the nation, they swiftly and wisely transferred huge parts of the royal treasury into secret chambers in the Padmanabha Temple, whose priests then served as guardians of this public treasure. To their credit, they have upheld this trust. Mind you, the wealth thus hidden by the king would have been the kingdom’s surplus after paying the handsome tributes extracted by the British Crown!

In one royal stroke, the new-found wealth in the abode of Sri Padmanabha shatters the myth assiduously nurtured and propagated by Christian missionaries and their Western Christian mentors that India is and has ever been a poor country. Were that true, the White Man would have taken his rapacious presence elsewhere. When a small princely state could accumulate so much wealth – that too, on the basis of an agricultural economy, mind you – even after 150 years of British loot, then how much wealth would we have had in the original? It is a question worth pondering over.

A related issue that rises in my mind is that the missionaries always cite the ‘poverty of India’ as their justification for conversion. This stands exposed. And as the assets of the Christian missionaries are products of the loot of India by the British colonial regime (and the continuing neo-colonial world order), we may safely say that the wealth of missionaries rightfully belongs to Hindus.

The gold and precious jewels now being unearthed from underground chambers of the Padmanabha temple have conservatively been estimated at around Rs One lakh crore; their antique value will take much more time to evaluate. The temple is privately owned by the royal family of Travancore, just one of the small Princely states of India.

The question naturally arises – if this is just a portion of the wealth of one small, albeit immensely wealthy, state, what would be the true estimate of how much the British Raj had looted India? At independence there were more than 500 princely states, with some major kingdoms like Mysore, Jaipur, Gwalior, Jodhpur, and so on.

So when small princely states like Travancore had so much of wealth, how much would the British looted from all other Princely States, and the regions they governed directly under what they called British India? If we assume that on an average, 1/10th of this treasure (10,000 crore) was possessed by each of the 500 small Princely States, it comes around 500 x 10,000 crore = 50,00,000 crore. This is just as per current market value of the valuables; the antique value is unlimited. The temple jewels fall under the category of antiques, and hence the values are far, far higher.

In 1857, the British destroyed innumerable rajyams and took over their treasuries. The estimate of this loot is beyond comprehension, and is not included in this article. What we may do well to remember, however, is that the British created a class of civil servants whose main responsibility was to extract revenue from our thriving agriculture (hence, Collectors), and levy tax on everything else they could think of, like the humble salt. So the loot from British India would closely parallel the loot from Princely India.

Some pertinent questions arise:

–        The temple is under the control of the Travancore Royal Family. It would prima facie seem that the treasure found in the temple belongs to them. If the Government of India forcefully acquires these treasures, what is the difference between colonial loot and the present government loot?

–       Or did the royal family transfer the wealth considering it as State Wealth, a trust held on behalf of the subjects as it derived from the tax revenues of the subjects?

–        Was there a clear distinction between the Royal Treasury as an institution of the Kingdom and the personal property of the ruler? Did members of the Royal Family derive specific monthly or annual incomes from the Treasury, which could be called their personal money? (I recall that in the larger princely kingdoms, certain articles of jewellery were the private property of the royal queens and princesses; but large quantities of very precious jewellery were not assigned to individuals, but held in the Treasury separately. The reigning king’s spouse could select items to wear by signing a register, and these had to be scrupulously returned to the treasury thereafter).

–        Then, who is Sunderrajan who has filed a petition before Supreme Court seeking Government takeover of the wealth. This seems malicious, and it would be interesting to know the religious denomination and locus standi of the petitioner, and the motives behind filing the petition.

–     Given the fact that the wealth has resided for over a century in the safe possession and custody of the Padmanabha Temple, should not this wealth now be considered the legitimate possession of the Temple?

–        Can we protect this wealth as owned by the Temple but belonging to the people of State and indeed the entire Nation by declaring that it cannot be sold under any circumstances?

–        Can we use it to generate wealth for the Hindu people to whom it ultimately belongs by housing it in a special ultra-safe museum and earning income from the proceeds of the display?

–        Can we ensure that the wealth is not misused to benefit non-Hindu communities with the agenda to destroy the Hindu nation and its religion, culture and customs?

–        The petitioner before the Supreme Court has alleged that the temple management is not proper.  I think the irony today is that the Government and the Judiciary are scam-ridden and tainted with corruption. What makes them better custodians of wealth that they did not even know existed? Historically, we have always found that native Indian kings governed their region more efficiently than any colonial or national government.

–        Padmanabha temple presents a perfect case study to judge who is the rightful owner of a temple. Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple belongs to the royal family, and it is they who have been maintaining this rajya temple for generations. It is they who decide whom to allow and whom NOT allow inside the temple. The Temple is NOT public property. The public can worship there, but cannot claim any rights over it.

–        It must be clarified here that a Temple is NOT like a church. While a church is a place of gathering for worship [the Christian god lives in heaven], a temple is the residence of the God Himself; hence the sanctity of the temple has to be maintained. Neither Government nor courts have any business to meddle in its affairs.

In non-monotheist cultures, the king is the protector of dharma. Kings always governed our country far, far better than the rest of the world. As distinct from western culture, the king is subservient to the presiding deity of the kingdom, as we find at places like Puri and also the Padmanabha temple. The Travancore kings calls themselves Padmanabha dasa (Servant of Padmanabha). When they commit wrong, the presiding deity will restore dharma. Thus, they are not absolute monarchs, nor dictators of the kind we commonly find in the West. This is true of most Indian kings; we find instances of such rajya temples in all desams. Modern Indian intellectuals need to understand that there is no dharma without a king.

Unlike the modern westernised urban ghettos (which we call towns, cities, metros) the temple is the centre of our bharatiya nagaras, around which the nagara is designed and built. I do not know the old architecture of the city of Tiruvananthapuram, or even the history of the Padmanabha temple, but the whole city was administered and regulated by the royal family before independence and Tiruvananthapuram seems to be a planned city. The present colonial Indian Government seized control from them after independence, and left the city to degrade itself. This is how our culture and our religion had declined, which Hindu (Marxist and fellow travellers) intellectuals are refusing to understand.

I strongly feel that the temple jewels should remain in the custody of the Royal Family and the Royal Temple. The wealth it generates must be used as per dharma. This means that Hindu temple wealth cannot be used to finance Hajj or repair churches, as in Karnataka. Any effort to seize the Temple by the government must be strongly resisted.

We may recall that Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy and Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa have in the past publicly accused Congress president Sonia Gandhi of stealing antiques from India. The present move in the Supreme Court appears to be a grim conspiracy to steal the assets of Padmanabha Perumal. His devotees must resist with all their might.


–        The findings reported so far include gold coins dating back thousands of years; gold necklaces nine feet long and weighing about 2.5 kg each; one tonne of the yellow metal in the shape of rice trinkets; sticks made of the yellow metal; sack full of diamonds; gold ropes; thousands of pieces of antique jewellery studded with diamonds and emeralds; crowns and other precious stones in chamber ‘A’.

–        17 kgs of gold coins dating back to the East India Company period; 18 coins from Napolean’s era; precious stones wrapped in silk bundles; over 1,000 kg of gold in the form of coins and trinkets and a small elephant made of the yellow metal.

–        Sovereigns bearing the 1772 seal indicating the reign of then native king Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma.

–        With chamber ‘B’ and ‘E’ yet to be opened, the shrine would pip Tirupati Balaji, assessed at over Rs 50,000 crore.

The writer is a software professional engaged in grassroots study of native traditions in the south


Very well written article. Write like this so that all the Tiruttu rascal rulers of India know India’s right history. All these invaders were biggest thiruttu rascals. Vazhga Bharata Mata, Vande Mataram.
Thangapandia Thevar
04 Jul 2011
1] can someone inform as to how this whole news item came into prominence ? who came to know of these secret chambers ? when? who ordered them to be searched? how is the supreme court connection made ? [2] the fact that the travancore maharajas donated their precious wealth to the temple to be used for the welfare of the people at times of famine and also protect these treasures from islamic rulers / british rulers, should not be forgotten. [3] the indian media, strangely, is downplaying this news. except for the security measures adopted, nothing much is made out. that is surprising. what about the documentation and safeguarding of these treasures? will they be made public? will there be any annual accounting done henceforth? will similar measures be adopted at other temples? [4] what measures will be taken to ensure these treasures are not plundered and sold and end up in the pockets of the crooked politicians ? [5] as usual, the sleepy bjp is nowhere in the picture. if they are, what is their stance? [6] can some one comment on any links to perumal temples and dhana aakarshana chakra ?
04 Jul 2011
The travancore kings safeguarded the treasures which were kept aside to use during famines .They never used it for their own extravagant purposes like many other Indian kings did as it was meant for the State.The State now should now use it diligently for uplifting the society.
04 Jul 2011
A very well written article, people like us who underestimate our culture and origin should know that we had the most planned civilization , the most rich heritage and many things to be proud of. Our inclination towards westernization have caused misery and chaos , in the name of freedom and democracy, we have been degrading our values and Morales. You are ashamed of culture which our forefathers were proud of, We fail to understand that Sanatama Dharma is not just a religion but a way of life. Our Kings have worked hard over years protecting the integrity and hormony between us. Its time to give some respect. Time to adore our tradition which is considered to be the most scientific and flexible.
04 Jul 2011
You raise some very important points. Firstly, the Indian ruling class, ruling by the norms of Bhararttantra never looted. This amount of wealth, left untouched for nearly 150 years, is a matter of great self-restraint. How many rulers, poor, rich, or anyone would have left this treasure untouched for 150 years. These temples belongs to all those who are a party to its existence. The creators, those who have maintained it, and those who believe in it. Above all, to those who have NOT touched this treasure for 150 years.
04 Jul 2011
In my opinion, the wealth belongs to royal family .If it goes to government god knows what will happen to the treasure. See, how this wealth have been preserved by the royal family. Let them rule at least this treasure .
04 Jul 2011
The wealth belongs to Padmanabha Swamy.. even the royal family is just a guardian, and cannot use it to their wishes..
04 Jul 2011
The treasure belongs to the royal family, but we should not forget that the royal family got all these wealth from common people as tax and gifts. What use would it give to anyone by locking up the treasure again for infinite years. We should respect the antique value of the treasure but also understand the treasure rightly belongs to all of us. I feel a corrupt free government should take over this and make it beneficial for all of us wisely.
04 Jul 2011
One should bow before the unselfish and god fearing Rajas of Travancore. They have diligently preserved the treasures, so that future generations could use them judiciously. We need a corrupt free society and noble visionaries to even comment on the future of the immense treasure.
04 Jul 2011
Mr Suresh, you are right. Indian media is like Underwear -Komanam podatha rascals. Ellam crooks. They have gas in their heads , which comes out from their bottom as news. Mayira Pudungees of the world, this Indian media. Madayans of the greatest order. If it is not for internet, the right news would not be known. Vazhga Internet. Valarga Naam Nadu. Rotten Media.
Thangapandia Thevar
04 Jul 2011
Kerala is on the top of the list of Christian missionaries and Islamic jihadis for internal subversion. I include the Nehru dynasty also in this ignoble agenda. And what a grand reply our Sanatana Dharma has accorded to this bunch of cynics. While Adi Sankara gave spiritual wealth and illumination to the people of India, the Travancore Maharaja has preserved the material wealth of our great nation totally away from the looting ones. And both hail from Kerala. Great sons of a great State indeed.
04 Jul 2011
RS Kumar, you write it like this. When Santana Dharma was in problem , there was Adi Sankara from Kaladi who established Santan Dharma again. When 2G scam has looted the country for 1.75 lakh crores, you have Lord Padmanabha from Truvandanapuram to the rescue. We must praise the Maharajas for this vision.
04 Jul 2011
Now that it has become public, Hindus should ensure that the moneys are not utilized for propagating Christianity and Islam or construction of churches or mosques or Madarassas.
04 Jul 2011
The Padmanabhaswamy temple is believed to have been originally built by the Kerala brahmins like most ancient temples in Kerala, but was taken over in due course in a power struggle, which was also not unique in Kerala. I think it was due to this precedence that Hindu temples began to be taken over by modern governments with British connivance. In my opinion wealth of temples should stay with the respective temples. To think otherwise is perversion.
George Augustine
04 Jul 2011
@Bhrigu, yes, temple wealth is our wealth. our wealth is our politicians wealth. our politicians are Maino’s. So another account may need to be opened in a Swiss bank for Sri Pathmanabha’s wealth.
04 Jul 2011
The ancient tradition of the Hindu society that the King is only a trustee of the wealth of the Kingdom comes out very clearly from this episode. The Court should properly identify the trustees and direct them to use the discovered wealth for the welfare of the Hindu society to which it rightfully belongs.
04 Jul 2011
yes we can truely says king of travencore had done mightiest job for a wisdom of our country otherwise this would have been looted by britishers who acts like termite and if ask about kohinoor , nasaka diamonds ,idols from amravati and gold relings and precious ornaments even they had looted our swrajya so we have to revive it and it should be given in right hand either it has to be used royal trust to be use for developement of our country to removed so called poverty by western society they will also know that they were nothing but had looted our wealth and they knew it that’s why they come to india for trade and plunder every things india was “sone ki chiriya” india was so rich that gold was used as a base for shoes in many text read about it and treasure of india was that even it can buy whole europe still many corrupt ministers have so much black money that they can buy small countries of europe even a grece which is now on a auctions so at last iwould say black money have to bring back and we have to give custody of this wealth to royal trust and we have tobe careful that these ministers might not misuse it and make it black money………it is of our bhagvan vishnu and i thing now he will show some miracle and guides true one to save it …jai bharat…jai hindustan…
nitin paliwal
04 Jul 2011
It is the beginning of our fight against government taking over temples or temple’s earnings. British took our wealth to Britain and now they proudly display some of the loots in museums. We have to get all of those invaluable treasures back. Our own rotten politicians together with foreign powers are now set to loot all that is remaining. It is time that all Hindu temples join hands to control and manage their own affairs. Temple managements should use the earnings and wealths for the welfare of society and build or repair temples elsewhere.
04 Jul 2011
Beware of the temptation of using those riches as collateral for borrowing virtual funds from international lenders who thus extract real goods in exchenge for fiat credit. Some funds in the West specialise in buying back for a pittance debt of distressed states and then forcing the penurious borrowers to pay them back with exorbitant interest. The rate of return is sometimes as much as 5000 per cent and that is held to be fully legal in our democratic world order. Global lenders must be falling over each other seeking to lend money to India.
04 Jul 2011
Hindu readers, please be aware that both the chief minister and finance ministers of Kerala are Christians. Their eyes will now be naturally on the wealth of Shree Padmanabha Swamy. And, don’t forget their patron in Delhi, Antonia Maino, the biggest looter of our wealth today.
Indira Oorath
04 Jul 2011
Why such questions did not arise about the alien Nizam’s ljewels which he looted from the majority. What about the four generational loot of Nehru parivar or Karunanidhi who came to Chennai travelling ticket-less and begging for work outside Newtone Studios amass what Sree Padmanabhaswamy took a 1000 years to get. Why not nationalize his and other poltician’s loot. Apparently all the religious property of alien desert religions were all seized property of the native majority. Why not nationalize it to start with
04 Jul 2011
1. King Marthanda Varma usurped the crown from his King Uncle’s son, slaughtering the entire lot including the Nair chieftains who opposed it. The cruelty to the women folk was inhuman. This created extreme public anger against him. To continue would be risky. 2. He suddenly gifted the kingdom to Padmanabha, and told the people that it is the deity’s crown and country now; so fight it at your own peril. The brilliant political trick paid off. 3. The treasure consists of plunders from conquered small nearby kingdoms, wealth entrusted for safe keeping by kings and Malabar people fleeing from Tippu, confiscations from enemies of the kings etc. It is not gifts to god by devotees. 4. The Royalty refused to sign the Accession unless they were allowed to keep the Temple as private property [among other real estate, aeroplane etc etc etc]. This was because their private get-away money was stored in the Temple. Duly influenced, VP Menon let them keep it all. 5. The time of the Accession was the time when the Royalty had been shooting people down for about 16 years under Sir. CP’s Divanship. Understandably, the people would have shot them all after Independence. They used the sword on Sir. CP, though. 6. The Padmanabha treasure thus has nothing divine about it. It was the Royalty’s slush get-away money. It has blood on it. Only what is left of it after private utilisation through the years, is now being discovered.
05 Jul 2011
Sajan you seem to read a lot of K.N. Panniker the most discredited self appointed historian. Your thoughts on Nizam’s jewels; British loot of Tirumala and other places of worship; Kapaleeshwara Temple ransack by 16th century Thomas; The destruction of over 100000 temples by alien invaders of the stoning the devil kind and the looting. But to make your job easier first comment on Nizam’s loot which he now claims is his private property. Or Maino’s 4 generations of loot stored in Swiss vaults
05 Jul 2011
Very well written article Senthil. Thanks. Indians of today who see a poor and rich India are unable to fathom that India was so rich at some point of time.
sanjeev nayyar
05 Jul 2011
Even a positive, auspicious event like the finding of this treasure in the Lord Padmanabha Swamy’s temple is an occasion for hate-mongering. What else is the purpose of this ‘article’? This is the the assets of Travancore Kingdom submitted by the loyal Royals to the protection of the Deity. It should remain with the Temple and any talk of using it for ‘poverty alleviation’ and commercial enterprises (in other words looting) is meaningless and is out of place. So is the hate-mongering speculations like in this ‘article’.
05 Jul 2011
It is simple idiocy of the secular state and the so called secular moderns of India to think of removing the wealth from temple area. Who should keep this treasure? could not have been a debate at all if such artifacts had been discovered in a cathedral in Europe. The Padmanabh temple has enough land around it to make a great museum of the artifacts and it can be displayed to the devotees. This treasure is also a historical record that needs to studied by archeologists. Instead of going into a a cheap debate that should this wealth be used to create materail upliftment of the people to open schools and colleges in the state, we should seriously put our minds to think how temples can do this for their bhaktas, the hindus of Kerala, who worship Padmanabha swamy. The temple trust ALONE should manage the wealth to open whatever it does, ayurvedic hospitals, centres of shastric learning, publication of manuscripts in sanskrit and ancient prakrit languages, promotion of classical indian music and scholarships to young musicians performing devotional music and temple dances. Open a Swati Tirunal Vidya Samsthaan, a centre for all the arts that the reat king practiced and promote those arts now. The list of what can be done is long but we should be clear that it is not the right of any government to take over the control of temple wealth. IT is the wealth of Padmanabha Swamy and it be used for flowering the temple activities ONLY.
05 Jul 2011
I am in Kerala with twenty American students. What we saw is mind boggling. The pseudo secular governments, Marxists, Muslims and Christians have been ruling Kerala for more than 65 years. Kerala has become a hell on earth. The entire forests had been destroyed. Rivers are flowing with limited water. Kerala has become the crime capital of the world. Hindu population has been reduced to 56.5%. Within the next ten years Hindus will become a minority and slaughter of Hindus will begin like in Kashmir. ### Sri Padmananbha Swami Temple has become the richest Hindu Temple in the world with the discovery of hidden treasure in the Temple vault. Marxists, Christian Mafia gang, Muslim rulers, phony secularists are busy coming up with false theories for taking over the Temple wealth. The wealth belongs to Hindu devotees and Hindus should now unite and demand for it for the preservation and propagation of Hindu culture.
06 Jul 2011
There is a big difference of Money STASHED away by the Mandirs and the corruption by the politicians. [1] Politicians are elected by the people to serve the people. [2] Mandirs are entities that people decide to go to. [3] Corruption is illegal. Money at the mandirs are tax free by law. [4] Politicians force third party to pay them illegaly to get the job done. There is no option but to pay them if you want the contract. No one is forced to pay at the Mandirs or the religious “Gurus”. It is absolutely volntary. [5] The money stolen by the politicians is ultimately peoples money who elected them. Mandirs money, no matter how much they collect, is for the mandir, volantarily given by the people, to manage the mandir.
06 Jul 2011
All property of the temple belongs to the deity Padmanabha. Temples are the abode of the presiding deity and all offering made by the Royal family or devotes belong to him. It neither belongs to the nation(which includes non hindus) or to the secular Govt. or the public at large. All famous temples were built by the Roal families for the deity they worshipped and were offered for worship by the Hindu subjects(citizens) only. Intereference by the State or Central Govt. should be resisted. The wealth should be used for propagation of DHARAMA, restoration and maintenace of neglectd Vishnu Temples and consturction of new Temples. JKGaur 07/07/11
06 Jul 2011
British Rule was the Golden Era in the History of India 1. British put an end to Muslim rule in Delhi, Bengal, Hyderabad and Mysore, where Hindus were being killed at the rate of half-million million per year. 2. British gave an equitable justice system that enlightened and reformed people. Before that there was only barbaric Islamic law under which non-Muslims have no rights. Or there was caste-based law under which only some castes have rights. 3. British made available the modern education to all beginning in 1800. Hindu education was limited to Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. Hindus picked up the Modern education faster than Muslims & left Muslims backward. 4. British developed modern industrial infrastructure like roads, railways, bridges, buildings, industries, etc. 5. Due to better healthcare and trade per capita income & population of India started rising after 1800. 6. In 1857 to 1860, Muslims were their main target, and British executed 200000 (this figure they admitted) Imams and 1 million Islamic criminals. Only 1 lakh Hindus were killed. Under Muslim rule abduction of Hindu women by Moslems was a common feature. 7. Even though British used take away raw materials like iron, coal, cotton, etc. without British rule 90% India would have been …. with beards.
Neo Hitler
06 Jul 2011
in all hindu temples the god is taken as an individual as per indian laws for any liigation puposes.but when the owners that is we the hindus are silent spectators for all kinds of loot land.plantations, idols statues temple cars etc erc are acquired illegally by the local dadas polticians. it emboldens them , our own hindu bretheren to continue the loot.even mgr had once arranged our precious idols to be takne to russia for exhibition.only solution fight fight for our own heritage otherwise the world thugs would destroy it
06 Jul 2011
A great piece that Hindus should read; We must be vigilant against a corrupt govt – Nehru STalinist looting this wealth in the name of proper management;
07 Jul 2011
The British and the Islamists were the Barbarians at the Gate of Mother India. Her vast wealth attracted these uncivilized desert block religions to her shores. These arrogant and intolerant Semitic faiths cannibalized cultures around the globe. Like weeds they will over run everything in their path. They have left civilizational graveyards in their quest for gold, land and power and a jealous god. Refer to European Imperialism and Islamic Onslaught –
07 Jul 2011
I am shocked by the untruths propagated by R Sajan about the Travancore royal family’s history. There is no record of any “political trick” by Marthanda Varma in the writings of unbiased historians. It is a story cooked up by the Marxist hacks. Contrary to what Sajan says, the wealth now found in the temple consists largely of gifts to Lord Padmanabha by devotees and wealth by people from Malabar fleeing Tippu’s invasion. What is wrong with the royal family refusing to sign the accession treaty unless the temple remains their private property? After all, did not their ancestors build the temple? It is matter of great shame that this wealth is called “getaway money” by Sajan. It is a Marxist lie that Sir CP was shooting down people. The dewan was only defending the kingdom from the depredations of commuists, Christians and Congress anarchists. There is no question of the people wanting to harm the royal family as they revered them then, just as they do now. Sir CP was hurt by a swordsman sent by the Christian Church and Manorama who were upset by the dewan’s efforts to control them.
Indira Oorath
07 Jul 2011

5 thoughts on “Padmanabha Temple treasure and British loot

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  2. Present day politicians should learn from the example set by the erstwhile rulers and the present custodians. this is real Hinduism and its teachings.

    Rest about the treasure, I have no doubt that the same will be looted by the present day political dispensation.

    Pray to Param Ishwar, that the treasure remains within the temple and under the present custodians.

  3. There is a lot of corruption in our governmental bodies and in our welfare systems. Since 1947, we have spent more than 1,00,000,00 million rupees in our governmental schemes and 70% of that is stolen by our corrupted political leaders, officials, business men etc. So inspite of using this treasure for public welfare they must keep it as it is because Lord is the owner of this treasure. Inspite of penetrating their cruel and cunning sight upon this treasure, our government must bring the huge black money into our country which is kept in Swiss and other International Banks and they can use that money for public welfare.
    As far as this treasure is concerned, it is under custodianship of Travancore Kingdom and it belongs to none that means a zero treasure for everyone. We must give reward to The Kings of Travancore for their faith and honesty, they have brought an example of custodianship maintained for more than 350 years and not even a single penny has missing out of it. On the other side look at our Government and Our Ruling System, do they have such a faith and honesty towards our nation and it’s treasures which is earned through our tax collecting revenue system. Do they maintain their covenant with The Lord as a prime servers to The Truth, Faith and Justice??
    In 1949, when all the kingdoms merged into the Indian constituency at that time all the kingdoms have donated a lot of money (gold, silver, gems, emeralds etc.) in welfare to the nation but what happened ultimately??

    So it must be kept as it is under the custodianship of Travancore Royals after completion of the total inventory and the whole world must learn a lesson of honesty, truth, faith and the zeal of true custodianship from The Royals of Travancore.

  4. address to DNA on their title of “lord of rings” to Shri Hari Anantha Padmanabha Swami.

    This in an another smart trick to cut someone’s pocket. Peoples and organizations like DNA are getting mad of seeing and hearing of such a huge mountain of gold which is only 0.000% of HIS total wealth. It’s today’s human’s nature to see other’s pockets first and we are not surprized at all by DNA’s comments, it’s a common disease in today’s dark age and India is specially affected by it. But we request DNA to correct “lord of rings” and make it to The Lord of Lords and King of The Kings. We appreciate DNA’s efforts to put-up their thoughts to blaspheme the name of The GOD.

    (I’m posting my though here because DNA may erase it or not be in the position to publish it. I have put-up the same comments on DNA’s column also.)

    Devendra Singh Rana

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