DMK has started reaping the whirlwind

For they had sown the wind!

Jayalalithaa cracks the whip on corruption

Last Updated : 03 Jul 2011 11:23:58 AM IST

The vignette of Madurai Mayor, G Thenmozhi, appearing before the local district court on Friday to obtain anticipatory bail, fearing arrest in a land grab case, was something the people of the temple city had never dreamed of seeing. As one with a reputation of being a very close associate of Union Chemicals minister M K Alagiri, Thenmozhi was regarded as invincible. That the long arm of the law at last caught up with her is a sign of the changing times. So long, Alagiri’s associates had been reportedly involved in a series of land grabbing with the people watching helplessly as they had nowhere to go and complain.

As the southern regional satrap of the DMK and a prominent member of the erstwhile ruling family, Alagiri ensured that his associates enjoyed immunity from the law. So the Department of Vigilance and Anti Corruption filing a case against Thenmozhi and 13 others for turning a blind eye to a DMK functionary’s wife illegally squatting on a piece of prime land belonging to the Corporation was seen as a bold step by the government in cracking the whip against corruption and bringing the corrupt to book.Thenmozhi had to rush to the district court because the Madurai bench of the Madras High Court was hearing a case filed by an advocate, who was also threatened by Rangammal, the wife of DMK functionary Sundarrajan who has been constructing a building on the vacant hall behind a Corporation community hall.Besides Alagiri’s erstwhile fiefdom, in Tiruchy region, where former DMK minister K N Nehru’s writ ran large till recently, many people, who lost their land to DMK thugs, are gathering the courage to walk up to the police and lodge complaints. A special police team set up to look into the complaints of land grabbing arrested 60-year-old R Arivudainambi, DMK’s Corporation Council Zonal Chairman, on Saturday on a case filed by one K Kamaraj of Woraiyur.Arivudainambi, besides refusing to vacate the house in which he was a tenant for about two decades, also illegally occupied the adjoining land, threatening those who raised objections to his activities. But for Jayalalithaa returning to power in Tamil Nadu, the police would not have cracked down on him, people in Tiruchy say. The Anti-Land Grabbing Special Wing is expected to take action against many more such DMK functionaries in the days to come after enquiring into the complaints received by them.Another habitual land-grabber and local thug, Kodamudi Sekar, was arrested by the police about a month ago and was booked under the Goondas Act, much to the relief of many people who were terrorised by him during the DMK’s rule.In Coimbatore region, a spate of cases have been filed against DMK functionaries, much to the delight of those who were wringing their hands in despair after losing their land. Coimbatore DMK vice-president E Anandan and Salem DMK councillor, Auto Manickam, were arrested earlier in the week in separate cases of cheating in the real estate business and land grabbing.In Chennai, the First Bench of the Madras High Court pulled up the Managing Director of Tamil Nadu Industries Corporation (TANSI), a government undertaking, for supplying poor quality furniture to courts. The furniture was provided to the courts during the DMK regime after the Bench, pulled up the government for neglecting the judiciary.Observing that the government was spending crores of rupees for distributing colour TV sets, the Bench passed an order on April 18 directing the government to provide the necessary furniture.In short, the days are numbered for all who were involved in corruption of various kinds during the DMK rule between 2006 and 2011 and the crackdown has just begun. It is learnt that the present government has started preparing a dossier on each of the senior DMK functionaries who allegedly amassed illegal wealth. Apart from land grabbers, sand miners have also started facing the heat from authorities, who have been instructed not to allow any form of corruption to thrive.

DMK official held for land grab

TIRUCHY: The Corporation Zonal Chairman belonging to the DMK, R Arivudainambi, became the first man to be arrested by the anti-land-grabbing special wing formed here two days back.

The arrest follows a complaint by one Kamala to the City Commissioner of Police, E Ma Masanamuthu, that her ancestral house had been forcefully occupied by Arivudainambi. She had earlier rented the house to him.Another complaint had also been lodged against Arivudainambi by one Kamaraj of Woraiyur on Friday night. It stated that Arivudainambi had encroached his land and was using it for his own personal use by dumping his belongings in the vacant plot. Based on both the complaints, a team of police, led by ACP (Srirangam), Veerasamy, registered a case and arrested Arivudainambi around 10.30 am. Later, Arivudainambi was produced before the Judicial Magistrate Maheshwari  Banu Rekha who remanded him to judicial custody till July 15.Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, during her election campaign, had assured voters that all land-grabbers in the city would be severely punished and the land would be restored to the original owners. People were hesitant to complain against land grabbing since most of those involved in the crime were of the DMK. Now, several persons had boldly come forward to register cases against land grabbing.Following the numerous land grabbing charges, a special police team had been formed to deal with land grabbing cases.

‘DMK government chose rejected site’

Last Updated : 03 Jul 2011 11:12:15 AM IST

COIMBATORE: Action will be taken against officials as well as those wielded power during DMK regime for selecting the most unsuitable site for constructing a multi-storey apartment for slum dwellers at Ammankulam, R Vaithiyalingam, Minister for Housing, said.

The minister, who inspected the apartments under construction at Ammankulam on Saturday, claimed: “The Ammankulam land was totally rejected during AIADMK rule in 2002 after the results of the soil test (conducted in 1999) proved negative. In fact, the AIADMK regime had selected this site for constructing of apartments with 1608 tenements through Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board (TNSCB) for rehabilitating the slum dwellers from water bodies and government lands under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) in 1999. After a thorough soil test, the site was given up as unsuitable for building houses. Later in 2007 during DMK government, the same land was chosen for construction of 1608 flats through tender called by TNSCB”.Sources said that out of the originally proposed 1608 flats at Ammankulam, at present the construction of 792 tenements are nearing completion as the remaining houses had to be constructed at Ukkadam due to encroachments and loose soil problem at Ammankulam. A TNSCB official said  “The construction of 792 tenements at Ammankulam is nearing completion. The public need not worry about the stability of the structures which have been strengthened. The block which sank in April last would be left unused”. Regarding the completion of the apartments to the beneficiaries, the minister said that Chief Minister would take a decision as to how to further strengthen the structures as per the advice of the experts.

DMK man faces land grabbing charge

TIRUCHY: A man has accused the DMK Corporation Council Zonal chairman here of grabbing his land.

Sixty-year-old K Kamaraj lodged his complaint with the Anti Land Grabbing Special Wing.The man from Woraiyur said the Corporation Council Ko Abishekapuram Zone chairman R Arivudainambi had taken over his plot which is adjacent to the house of the chairman. ‘He has been utilising my land for his personal use and dumping his things for many years,’ Kamaraj said.He added that whenever he asked Arivudainambi to remove the goods, he did not cooperate and instead Arivudainambi threatened him and claimed that the land belonged to him. An investigation is underway.



3 thoughts on “DMK has started reaping the whirlwind

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  2. The benefactors of freebies were instrumental to have made them law makers to indulge such unsavory incidences. DMK artfully decimated the intellectuals since they were detrimental for their looting without impunity.

    The atrocities they perpetrated over the common were immeasurable and they will have to give heavy price for it. Now all the corrupted and rowdiest elements must be after courts. However, the police if took no action on complaints also should be shown the door or reverted to three grades and posted in the same stations

  3. Jaya is an iron lady with sharp acumen for administrative skills. But she was foisted umpteen cases to be engaged with such court cases and these DMK looted without impunity. The total state was shared by the four Alagiri in south, Kani in west, Stalin in north MK in east the Marans on the total state and thus ran the fiefdom unquestionably.

    When money and power are associated with common do afraid of to near them as the law also not above them though the contra is orated.

    These criminals generate the petty criminals and they rule the roost under the protection of the former. No doubt they will start counter campaign as vindictive, or counter corruption etc. in order to fool the common in the state again to bring forth the freebie benefactors for their support since they kept them intact without their condition improving.

    What is primary is let the governance be bringing them to court and forfeit the assets so accumulated then we can be boast of democracy else it is only on paper. But I doubt since Maran is still allowed to continue as central minister albeit unquestionable proof against him highlighted by media and allegations by business magnet which can take place provided the premier of the party which is governing also should have got sumptuous share from the loot

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