Universally revered



Anusham, Paramacharya’s birth star falls on June 14.

It is 17 years since Paramacharya shed his mortal coil, but the sage lives on in the memories of his followers, who find solace in going back to the books written by devotees, who were closely associated with him. For example Ra. Ganapati, who recorded Paramacharya’s words and published them in eight volumes. “Deivathin Kural” is sure to be found in the collection of the saint’s devotee. Bharaneedharan was blessed to be guided by Paramacharya, who has documented his experiences in ‘ Anbe Arulae.’ Ganesa Sarma conducts Sapthaahams on the pontiff’s life and teachings.

A perusal of the books reveal that among the thousands of people, who met Paramacharya were world leaders and scholars cutting across communities. Mahatma Gandhi, Eknath Ranade, who was instrumental in erecting the memorial to the Swami Vivekananda at Kanyakumari, Dalai Lama, Satya Sai Baba, the King of Nepal, Prof. Milton Singer of Chicago University, Ms. Eughina Borghini a scholar from Argentina, Sayeed Nasr, the Vice-Chancellor of Teheran University, Queen Frederica from Greece and her daughter Princess Irene, Dr. Albert Franklin the U.S. Consul General, Dr. Paul Brunton are some of the prominent names. Brunton was the first westerner to interview Mahaswami and it was at his insistence after meeting Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi that he authored the famous book, “A Search in Secret India” which revealed to the West the existence of Tiruvannamalai.

Professor Milton Singer said, “Before I went to India I had read and heard much about the great ‘Soul force’ of its holy men and saints but I had assumed this was something of the ancient past. And it was not until I had met Shankaracharya [the Sage] that I realised that it still a part of the living force of Hinduism even today.”

Miss. Eughina Borghini: “I consider the day I first saw His Highness a day of great fortune in my life. I consider that in him Jesus has come again into this world. He is an image of love. From the moment I saw him, the Light of his Grace gave me maturity to understand clearly some of the aspects of spiritual life and religious teachings. His Holiness lives just like Jesus, homeless and devoted to a life of renunciation, with his contemplation, worship, penance and teachings, working for the welfare of mankind. I shall bow at his feet and be always adoring him.”

Professor Sayeed Nasr : “To behold the presence of His Holiness the Jagadguru, and to be blessed by the privileges of receiving the fresh breeze which flows from Him and which extinguishes the very fire separating man from God, is to realise that the Divine Freedom manifests itself where it wills. In Kancheepuram, one feels the proximity of Light which as a Muslim I have experienced in the presence of Muslim saints…”

Princess Irene: “This meeting with Perfection whose blessing is no more than I am able to cherish without being deeply moved. The greatness of his blessing was so immense that this human container was incapable of holding it without its overflowing which resulted as tears — tears of utter fulfilment which washed away the container, causing it to dissolve, for a while, into the Reality he symbolises.”

And they were all stunned by his versatility and knowledge from advaita to English literature.



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