Hindu society would give fitting reply to any humiliation heaped on the Sant fraternity — VHP

by Kalyanaraman

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Date : 25-02-2011


ALLAHABAD: In order to shield the Central Government and the Congress
Party that are neck deep in corruption and also to corner the Muslim
votes, the Congress general secretary Sri Digvijay Singh has off late
been, as a measure of diversionary tactics, blindly and falsely
targeting the Hindu organizations and Sadhu-Sants. The 2-G spectrum
scam causing a loss to the national exchequer an amount of Rs. 176,000
crores, the ISRO scam causing a loss of 200,000 crores and the CWG
scam are now the hot topics of discussion in all nooks and corners of
the country. This Government is not willing to disclose the names of
those that have stacked away huge black money in the Swiss Bank. This
issue has been hanging fire for many years now. The people of India
shall ensure that the Congress Government comes clean on the issue of
all black money. Digvijay Singh has recently commented on Baba
Ramdevji. The contributions that Baba Ramdevji has made towards the
causes of globalization of the Patanjali Yoga system and the Ayurvedic
system of medicine makes not only India but the entire world thankful
to him.

Wildly attributing black money to the contributions in cash and kind
made by the people of the country for running the spiritual and
service activities by our Sadhu-Sants, Sri Digvijay Singh can neither
save the dwindling image of the Congress nor can he ensure deliverance
for it. Pointing fingers at the government machinery in the matter of
the Batala House terrorist incident, visiting and encouraging people
at Sanjarpur in Azamgarh that were involved in terrorist activities,
making Pakistan happy by misleading the Indian nation about the 26/11
Mumbai terrorist act and unwittingly making a mockery of Sri Hemant
Karkare’s martyrdom by trying to misquote the latter, are a few of his
perverted actions that give the impression that he is playing to the
galleries of Pakistanis and other foreign forces.

Regarding the Godhra episode, I have to say that the Court of Law has
clearly accepted it that it was the result of a big conspiracy that
was meticulously carried out. But even then how could the kingpins of
the conspiring circle get release orders – it is now a topic of
discussion in the whole country. Truly speaking, in order that all
such attacks on the Hindu society do never recur in future, it is
necessary that all the convicts be hanged to death. The Congress
spokesperson Digvijay Singh has been promoting the activities of
Jihadis, and the country must beware of him.  The Hindu society would
give fitting reply to any humiliation heaped on the Sant fraternity.

Issued by : Vishwa samvad kendra

5 thoughts on “Hindu society would give fitting reply to any humiliation heaped on the Sant fraternity — VHP

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  2. Unless and until we have shtriyas hindus we have no hope for hindus future .We have now all banias Hindus who are trading the traditions for money. Want to survive make your enemy pay the price for attacking you. Or lose.

    • Sahaniji, you are right. But when the kshathriyas have all been destroyed it is the duty of the Brahmanas to become kshathriyas because our Vedas say it was the Brahmana who created the kshathriyas, vaisyas and the sudhras in the beginning in order for the society to prosper. The four fold varnas representing knowledge, arms, wealth and labour were kept separate for the good of the society for example a labourer cannot become a merchant for he will diminish the capital and a merchant cannot become a king for he will be a corrupt tyrant and a Brahmana cannot become others for then knowledge would be wanting and so on. The separation of these faculties is the dharma and the coalescing of them would be corruption. The root cause of it happened over three hundred years ago when the British came in and destroyed our dharma in order to steal our wealth by means of ‘capitalism’ for which they destroyed our dharma and replaced it with ‘secularism’ where money became the pursuit in which we lost our homes and family became ‘workers’ to global capitalists. I will be posting on this earth shattering concept that our ancestors have left for us in great detail in three parts – (i) Spiritual Heritage of our Vedas(ii) Socio-political Heritage of our Puranas and (iii) our understanding of the hydra-headed modern ‘asura’ called ‘secularism’ and its global feature of channeling out the nation’s wealth and our dhaarmic war that had to be waged. Swami Vidyaranya who reigned as the Sankaracharya of Sringeri caused the Vijayanagara empire to be born through his disciples Harihara-Bhukka brothers against the asuric hoards of islam. Mahaperiava of Kanchi (the 68th successor to Adi Sankara at his aamnaya sarvagnya peetam of Kanchi Kamakoti) left behind a disciple in Dr.Subramanian Swamy who will block this channel of drain of our human, intellectual and physical wealth. The dhaarmic revival is very much in our hands my dear friend and let’s embark on it with great guesto!

  3. What we need now is, locate leaders in each area and have a written action plan how to get our country back from these anti nationalists.

  4. @janamejayan
    God will not bestow intelligence, wealth and valour for one individual. At best any individual will be blessed with only two the maximum! Else he will sell the nation. Therefore, the Kshatriyas were rulers with wealth and valour and hired the services of Brahmins for guidance.

    At this rate the present ruler of this country associated with nothing but ruling and the ministers (brahmins) are assisting her to loot the nation’s opulence and the rest are mute spectators?

    I am afraid about the treasure of Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple and would the precincts be converted as Tihar jail after MK and Maran got into it with an assurance of due share to barmaid?

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