Hello world!

I have started this blog to voice the aspiration, concerns and even grudges of Tamil Brahmins. We have had a glorious past and are sure to have a marvellous future.

After seeing that the Brahmins are maligned by athiests, Christians,  cripto communists and pseudo secularists I felt the need for a website to air our view point unmolested. So here we are!

Because of our astonishing ability as a community we Tamil Brahmins have been despised by those who couldn’t compete with us on a level plane. They have indulged in racism and discrimination to run roughshod over our community using number game. They also set up agent provocateurs and fifth columns within the community. But they will never succeed for intelligence would be victorious over stupidity!


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Brahmins, whatever may be the linguistic medium, are no doubt intelligent when compared to the other class of people. But not all Brahmins are that intelligent and some percentage of Brahmin community are less intelligent. There are intelligent people in other communities, to name some, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar etc. Though we (the brahmins) are intelligent, the ultimate deciding factor, the Destiny shall prevail over every body. Finally, every body has to obey and abide by the decisions of the Lord God.

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